Video & Audio

  • We do 7 to 10 minute video Interview.
  • We do 3 of 60 seconds Question and Answer Video.
  • We do the Video and Audio Editing.
  • We do the audio transcription.
  • We send them all for your approval.
  • We post the videos in your Youtube channel.

Social Media

  • We share the video from your Youtube channel to your Facebook Page, Linkedin Page, Google+ Page, Twitter and Pinterest.


  • We upload the edited audio to your Soundcloud, Tunein and Apple Itunes Podcast account.


  • Either we or you post the transcript/story in your website.
  • We share the posted story from your website to your social media.
  • We include the audio in track rotation.

Once everything is posted in your own accounts:

  • We post the story in website.
  • We share the story posted from your website to social media.
  • We share the video from your Youtube channel to social media.
  • If you don’t have account from any of the listed platforms, we will create one for you at no extra charge!
  • If you have an existing account to any of the listed platforms, we can post the content for you provided that you give us your passwords.

  • 1 Video Package

  • USD 712.99
  • /video

  • GST not included

  • 6 Video Packages

  • USD 554.99
  • /video

  • GST not included