SEO Content Writing Tips

SEO content writing is challenging and time consuming. Being a SEO content writer is difficult and takes a lot of time. Being consistently original in your given discipline is difficult and duplicate content will get your Google ranking smashed. Our SEO content strategy is simple and follows Google’s advice to “frequently publish original content” and…


For practical and innovative designs for kitchen renovation, CARL’S KITCHEN is ready to serve you.

Your kitchen is the most important space in your house. In fact, the latest home trends suggest that the kitchen is now the “new heart” of every home, overthrowing the living area. These days, kitchen is not just a place to cook meals, but also a place where family and friends bond while enjoying every meal.

Since 2001, Carl’s Kitchen has provided satisfying services to their clients all over Sydney in Australia. Carl’s team specialises in kitchen and bathroom renovation. Alteration is also their specialty, transforming your kitchen to have that vintage or modern look you have always dreamed of.

Listen to our interview with Rick Joshi as he talks about how Carl’s Kitchen holds up their tradition of quality and excellence over the years.


SEO Bites guarantees to deliver original and meaningful content

According to Google, to develop an effective website is to frequently publish original meaningful content. Scraping out content from another website will penalize your rankings, instead of a boost. With SEO Bites, your page is 100% safe from getting smacked by Google because we only provide original content. Listen to CEO Wayne Bucklar as he explains SEO Bites’ guiding principles as a content marketing agency and how Youtube videos are being used to promote website rankings.


Customized SEO Services to Suit your Online Business Promotion Needs

When you look at the statistics seen on Google analytics, half of the website searches are done from mobile devices. Google prefers websites that have a good mobile version. If your website does not have a good mobile version, if you’ve been putting it off or ignoring it, half of your traffic is lost and Google will penalize your rankings. Wayne Bucklar, CEO of SEO Bites, talks more about the changes in SEO and latest trends this 2017 in this episode.